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Eminent injustice

Great article in City Magazine on abuse of “eminent domain” – as Americans call the compulsory purchase of property commandeered for the “public good”.

You may have heard of the Supreme Court ruling in the Kelo v New London case a couple of years ago. It said it was OK for the government to force owners to sell not just to itself, but to a developer.

This article tells of a similar state-sanctioned private landgrab in New York, and powerfully makes the case for full protection of property rights.

While I’m on the subject, and as I’m always on the lookout for libertarian rock songs, I recently spotted the video opposite.

It’s about eminent domain – a fantastic tune as well.

Ian Anderson’s lyrics are here.

Quand Jethro Tull defendait le droit de propriété

Toujours à l’affut de rock libertarien, je suis tombé sur cette vidéo.

Les paroles sont ici. Sur le sujet – les expropriations abusives par les pouvoirs publics aux USA – je recommande l’article en face. Dommage qu’en France, la question n’émeuve ni les journalistes ni les rockers.

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